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Resume submission process

Anyone with a significant hospitality industry experience can submit a resume.

Step 1 : Log-in or Create an Account

The first field in the job form shows the “Your account” row.

  1. If you already created an account and are logged in this shows your account name.
  2. If did not create an account yet or are logged out, a set of “Your email”, “Username”, “Password” and “Verify password” fields are shown to allow signup, as a well as a “Sign In” button, to log in.

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Step 3 :  Preview: a preview will show you how the resume will look. From then you can click back to edit the resume further, or click submit to confirm.

step 4 :  Submit.

Applying to jobs with resumes

Logged in users with resume’s on file can apply to jobs using their online resume. To do this:

  1. Find a relevant job and click on “apply for job”, you will have the option to submit a form with fields for resume + message.
  2. The employer will receive the message and a ‘view’ link for your resume.