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a photo of several young employees of the hotel industry in uniforms.a photo of several young employees of the hotel industry in uniforms.

Get Started in the Hotel Industry

Closely linked to the development of the tourism industry, the hotel industry is a major player in the global economy. There are many job offers there.

The Hospitality Industry, available in many forms, brings together all kinds of establishments, meeting various needs (budget, environment, etc.).

From budget hotels to hotel complexes, palaces offering large, luxuriously decorated rooms and suites, the choice is vast!

Hotel chains make up the largest share of the hotel market. Included are the integrated hotel chains (hotel establishments grouped under the same banner and standardized, that is to say with the same decoration, the same services, etc.) and voluntary / referral hotel chains (hotels freelancers grouped under the same banner for better marketing).

Hotel residences, club hotels, resorts… there are many establishments, which leave good prospects for employment abroad. Receptionist, housekeeper or concierge… the choice is yours!

Smile and warm welcome (Front Office)

Receptionist, night auditor (or night receptionist), front desk assistant, reservation manager, etc.
These professionals welcome and inform guests about the conditions of stay (room availability, prices, etc.). They perform administrative (reservations, planning, mail processing, etc.) and accounting (invoicing, collection, etc.) tasks.

In luxury hotels, porters, bell boys, doormen are on hand to welcome customers and make their services available, under the direction of the front office manager.

Cleanliness at the heart of establishments (Housekeeping)

Housekeeping teams are responsible for the cleanliness of the floors and are responsible for the maintenance of the rooms, bathrooms and common areas of the establishment. In large hotels, they work under the responsibility of an executive housekeeper or a room division manager.

Manage departments (General Management)

The hotel manager supervises, coordinates all the activities of his establishment and manages his teams (planning, staff recruitment, training, etc.). A true salesperson, he seeks to attract an ever-growing clientele and promotes his establishment (participation in trade fairs, attractive price offers, etc.).
He is often supported in his activity by assistants or assistants.

Work requirements

Each profession contributes to the image of the hotel. Smile, attention, listening skills, availability are essential qualities to practice in this sector. Of good presentation, you must like the contact with the customer and have a perfect speech. You will meet clients from all walks of life. Fluent in English is essential, and knowledge of other foreign languages ​​an asset.

Your mission: to make the guests’ stay pleasant by ensuring their comfort and well-being every day. In the face of stiff competition, guest satisfaction is at the heart of priorities, and guest loyalty is a major issue.

The workloads are irregular and depend on the hotel occupancy rate. In order to face it, endurance, thoroughness and organizational skills are required! You must also know how to work in a team. For certain jobs such as room management or reservations, it is advisable to be computer literate.

Working in the hotel industry requires availability and investment. The jobs are demanding: most hotel establishments are open all year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Work is organized in rotation, schedules are shifted. You work on weekends, holidays, and must be present during peak seasons.

Training and education

It is advisable to have hotel training / diplomas or to have a first professional experience (reception, waiter …).
If you have a general background and wish to continue your studies in the hotel industry, it is advisable to follow one year of refresher, followed by two years of training.

It is also very important that you choose your internships well during your years of study, in order to enhance your professional experiences during your recruitment interviews.

Career development

You gradually climb the ladder. Field experience is a must before moving on to positions of responsibility. Depending on your work and your motivation, you can progress quickly. You can also progress through additional training throughout your career.
Finally, there are job opportunities abroad if you want to explore new countries!

Multiple offers at your disposal

The hotel industry is a sector marked by seasonality. Fixed-term contracts and part-time jobs are frequent during the peak tourist season, but the sector also recruits throughout the year! Large hotel groups, as well as many establishments, have websites where job vacancies are published. You can apply directly there.