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A young adult man facing a screen while massaging is eyes in a tired fashionA young adult man facing a screen while massaging is eyes in a tired fashion

Managers & Executives: How to Fall in Love with Your Job Again?

Improve productivity

Bruce Daisley, until recently one of Twitter’s European Vice Presidents, has written a book in which he gives 30 tips to “regain enthusiasm and creativity at work.” Useful in case of professional slack.

At work, what to do when you feel like it? Unfortunately, the options are limited to quitting or retraining. But is leaving to do the same job really the right solution? As for a complete career change, that requires building a truly successful project, not without sacrifices …

According to a Gallup study, only 6% of employees are engaged at work. A figure too low to be taken completely seriously but that speaks for itself: after a while, the work gets boring. However, it will be necessary to return there … It is precisely to those who are fed up that Bruce Daisley, former vice president of Twitter, addresses himself in his book How to Fall in Love with Your Work, 30 Ways to Rediscover Enthusiasm and Creativity at work. Your goal: to help transform your current job into a more rewarding, productive and enjoyable job.


Go to work but not all the time

For Bruce Daisley, one of the keys to being good at your job is making time for yourself. Understand how to do your job at home or elsewhere, but not in open spaces. In fact, collective offices are a plague for employees, in addition to the noise of colleagues, they are regularly disturbed in their activity and they have the impression of not being able to stay focused and efficient. To avoid this overwork, the easiest solution to implement is therefore remote work, in a quiet environment. Especially since there are fewer and fewer reasons to go to the office. This can involve one or more days of telecommuting per week or even regular mornings.


“Take the time to think without doing anything”

The ex from Twitter also advises to curb our hyperactivity. “Today we have to act and we believe that in this age of hyperstimulation and intense activity, sitting around doing nothing is a waste of time.” With the consequence of provoking “an uncomfortable restlessness, the constant feeling of not being able to cope with everything we need to do. As a result, we find ourselves in a constant state of anxiety.” On the contrary, you have to learn to slow down, to accept moments of inactivity to recharge your batteries and then unleash your creativity. Hence the importance of taking the “time to think without doing anything.”


Shorten meetings

Everyone knows that meetings are a hassle in business. Too long and poorly organized, work hours weigh heavily. Bruce Daisley, therefore, advises to shorten the time of the meetings – beyond 45 minutes our concentration is close to zero – and thus “have more focused discussions and a feeling of participation”.


Take breaks

Do you think that to be efficient you have to work 12 hours a day? However, it is time to disconnect. Taking breaks is the best way to ventilate your brain. During the day, therefore, you have to take breaks and at noon, instead of eating at your desk, you take the time to have lunch with your colleagues and get out of the confined air of the company. Also, at night when you are home, it is important to turn off your work phone, not check your work voicemail and focus on your personal life.