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Job Submission Steps (more details here)

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Job submission steps

Step 1 : Log-in or Create an Account

The first field in the job form shows the “Your account” row.

  1. If you already created an account and are logged in this shows your account name.
  2. If did not create an account yet, create an Employer account here. If you are logged out, use the “Sign In” button, to log in.

Step 2 :  Fill in Job and Company Fields

After the account section, the top-most part of the form shows the Job Fields

Beneath the Job fields there is a section for company information.

These fields will be pre-filled where appropriate if you are logged in and has submitted a job in the past.

Step 3 :  Preview

The preview page shows the job details which have been submitted in the style of a single job listing. You may click “Edit” to change the details of your listing.

Step 4 :  Choose a Package

Select one of your existing package (“Your Packages” highlighted in light yellow color) or a new package (“Purchase Packages). You will be taken through the cart/checkout/payment process In case you decide to purchase a new package.

Step 5 :  Submit

A short message will confirm the successful Job submission. Your listing will then be forwarded to our team who will review it, and will become visible once approved.